Margot Robbie’s Beauty

Margot Robbie’s Beauty Routine Uses Food in a Unique Way

Wondering what makes Margot Robbie so drop dead gorgeous?

While some of it is undoubtedly god gifted, a good amount of credit can be given to her impeccably perfect beauty routine that she follows incessantly. Wondering what it is that she does?

Margot Robbie

The first thing that she does on waking up in her grand six-bedroom mansion with the most amazing view of Beachwood Canyon is held against her enticing eyes chilled spoons dipped in Lapsang Souchong. This is a black tea from the Chinese Fujian province. It is known to reduce inflammation and therefore in her case, puffiness of the eyes. She doesn’t waste even a little bit of time here and while the spoons dipped in tea work like magic, she practices yoga and works on her badass body.

While taking a shower, she uses from her huge collection of beauty products, Mesozoic Era, a fossilized blue-green algae body scrub along with a deep pore cleansing lotion. She then goes on to use a glycolic mask. This is a Swiss mask is so thin that when removed gives an appearance of removing a layer of your skin.

She uses a batch of placenta-infused facial toner to enhance her radiant glow further, then a moisturizer, an anti-aging eye balm and a protectant lotion which pampers her skin further.

See the full routine below:

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