Meet Dondurma An Ice cream That Defies Gravity

Have you ever had an ice cream that did not melt and drip onto your chin as you ate it?

If not, meet Dondurma, an ice cream typically from Turkey and Azerbaijan that does not melt easily, and defies laws of gravity too! Buying a Dondurma can be quite an experience as vendors often trick and tease their customers before handing over to them their ice cream cones. The vendor tosses the whole mass of ice cream up in the air and tricks the customer by handing over an empty cone to him. He flips the cone several times, however, the ice cream never falls!

dondurma ice creamThe secret ingredients of this recipe include particular thickening agents such as Salep, a flour made from the root of the purple orchid flower and Mastic, a resin that gives the ice cream its chewiness. Dondurma was introduced in Turkey around the 1850s. Today, the kahramanmaras region in Turkey is famous for its Dondurma. In India, it is available at Noida malls, and according to Turkish vendors, the response to this ice cream in India has been very good. It is a 100% vegetarian ice cream, and requires orchid flowers to be imported, for its local production in India. While in Turkey goat’s milk is used for its preparation, Indian suppliers may use cow milk instead.

If you do find yourself in Noida anytime soon, do make sure you try some Dondurma!

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