U-shaped Building

Meet The World’s Longest U-shaped Building In New York

Not the tallest, but the longest with four thousand feet from end to end; ‘The Big Bend’ is the latest brainstorm to be placed in New York.

Designed articulately by the Oiio Studio, the building should be the tallest without having to worry about the height limitations in the zone.

The height of the building being 1.22 kilometres in total, it will go onto becoming the tallest building in the world. It will push down the ranks of Burj Khalifa at 830 meters to number two, and the Shanghai Towers at 632 meters to the third place.

The entire building will have glass windows mapping from the ceiling to the floor. The lifts, in a scientific storm, will be able to travel horizontally and in curves beating many previous restrictions and inventions. It will move from one end of the ‘U’ to the other.

The building looks over Central Park and will be among the many skyscrapers in the ‘Billionaire’s Row’ at 57th Street in Manhattan. The busy business street is home to some of the world’s largest firms.

There are speculations about its placement, of course, citing reasons of congestion and overpopulation. The investment and length are also still subject to the zoning laws of the area. The design is yet to be approved by the authorities.

Though, if approved, the Big Bend will be quite a sight for spectators. It will be some time before we know if the dream building transforms into a reality.

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