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Mental Detox: 6 Easy Ways To Lead A Positive Life!

The birds chirped and the dogs barked, it was just another perfect day. However, I stayed back in bed, lethargy kept pulling me back in. Getting up now seemed like an unsettling task. Alas, the drudgery of another day and the daunting mission of getting past through it! Sounds familiar, eh?  Chances are that you too need a Mental Detox.

Most of us complain about not having enough time, but we fail to account that our minds, just like our bodies, need time to distress!

Presenting 5 easy everyday techniques to ward off that mental fatigue:

1. Wander outside – Disconnect to reconnect.

“The internet of things” has been a boon in many ways but it has also clogged our mind with unnecessary information and perpetual interruption  The internet has segmented our thought process and stolen a permanent seat in our brains.

So here’s an easy way to rejuvenate. Go for short walks outside albeit without your smartphones! Look around and explore your surroundings. Go out on solo nature trails or gaze at the starry skies. A bit of ‘me’ time will surely do you good. 

2. Maintain a gratitude journal.


What if you want more from life? Deeper relationships? Better friendships? More money? Better life?  A five-minute gratitude journal can change your life for the good.

Begin your day by jotting down everything and anything that you are thankful for. It could be something as basic as the oxygen we breathe. Progressively, you could write about events or people who’ve influenced you in any way or those who’ve had a positive impact on your life.

Life has given us so much to be thankful about. So by maintaining a journal, you would start embracing the positivity that life has to offer.

3. Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.


No matter how troubled you are at work or stressed at a relationship, a good book is enough to end all your woes.  Lose yourself in the captivating words, get bewitched by the multilayered characters and the mesmerizing plotlines. A good book contains experiences worth many lives.

4. Music therapy – it’s time to plug those headphones. 

Mental Detox

Be it that Badshah track on the loop or the Jay-z song that you can’t seem to forget, there is nothing more stimulating than listening to good music. Listening to music activates every known part of your brain.  Further, it reduces stress level by lowering the levels of cortisol.  Moreover, It increases levels of Dopamine which is also known as the brain’s “motivational molecule”

Psst.. Do you remember that awesome feeling that you get when you run, or have an orgasm or you eat your favorite chocolate bar?!  Yes, that too is Dopamine

5. Food for thought.


Yes, you read it right, there is a direct connection between how you feel and what you eat. Many psychiatrists and nutritionist prescribe changes in our daily diet to balance moods, improve brain function and better mental health. Daily consumption of cranberries, almonds, dates etc can bring about a tremendous change in your mental energy. For a stable depression free life, minimize on black coffee, caffeine, chocolates and other sugary products while simultaneously increasing the intake of vitamin B6 

Food rich in omega 3, for example, seaweed, walnuts, chicken fed on flaxseed, salmon have shown to reduce depression, attention deficit disorders, anxieties etc.

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6. Healing through meditation.

mental detox

Sit crossed legged on the floor and start by taking deep breaths. Focus on inhaling and exhaling while overpassing all those disturbing thoughts. Mediation helps you to take a pause from your face paced life and recharge your batteries. Even five minutes of meditation will ensure a stress-free day and help combat all the negative energies at drain away your aura.

Adopt these six easy techniques to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and a fitter mind.

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