This Mumbai Cafe Is Our Absolute New Favorite


What it is about.

Does having your Sunday brunch in a hammock remind you of Goa? Cafe Hydro in Mumbai is recreating these very same Goa feels with its ingenious decor.

You could totally visit this cafe for its pocket-friendly menu and delectable oriental food. But first, visit this space for its craftful ambience.

The cafe is a two-floor eatery, with each floor boasting of a unique theme and setting. The ground floor is reminiscent of Aamchi Mumbai’s lifeline, the local railways. Recycled train tracks, ladders, racks, train floors, and upper and lower berths. The best part? You get your food served by a pulley if you’re on the upper berth! The first floor of this cafe has been designed to resemble the ocean, in all its vastness and life. (Yes of course, including fish and all other aquatic life) If you’re a fan of the underwater, this is for you. The second floor embodies the garden and is complete with hammocks, summer coloured cushions, ledges and wall aquariums. If you were looking for a cafe for date night, you know where to go now.

You wouldn’t think that such a place would be a rather inexpensive affair, right? It IS a rather inexpensive affair, with a meal for two costing about INR 750.

What to eat.

Walk into this space, and you are sure to be baffled by its unearthly beauty but what do you eat in here? Cafe Hydro is known generally to create Asian and Oriental food. Its secret ingredient is Surimi, a paste made from fish, which it uses extensively in its food. Do try their Surimi fish balls, served with cilantro sauce that adds that extra zing to your meal. The fishy onion rings come close to the surimi fish balls in taste. Our suggestion, try both and take your pick. Vegetarians worry not. We got you covered. Steamed vegetable dumplings and Mumbai Bao remain all time favourites! They also serve traditional Vietnamese food and Asian combo meals and oh so much more!

Also, did I mention that this cool place is not in Bandra or SOBO? This cafe is in Borivali, so all you townies now have a reason to travel to the Suburbs. Borivali, you just got a hell lot cooler. So we’re saying, go visit this place for eye-catchy interiors and pocket-friendly yet mouth watering food.

Where: Shop No. 3, Esspee Tower, Rajendra Nagar, Dattapada Road, Borivali, Mumbai
Timings: 12:00 PM to 11:30 PM
Contact: 022 2969 0088
Cost For Two: Rs. 1100 (approx.)

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