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You Were Fooled If You Were Asked Not To Eat Non-Veg On Tuesdays

Do you get cravings to eat butter chicken but you don’t because it’s a Tuesday or did you ever postpone your or someone’s birthday treat because it was Tuesday? Been there, done that?

We are often asked not to eat non-veg on Tuesdays and we’re badly criticized if we don’t obey the rule. And later we are usually given tirades on how unholy it is to consume meat on Tuesdays. Let’s take a rational view about how we bullied ourselves by not eating non-veg on Tuesdays.

Why not non-veg on Tuesdays?

no non-veg on tuesdayIt is believed that Tuesday is known to worship Lord Hanuman so we shouldn’t eat meat. There are 7 days in a week! As a Hindu deity concept varies Hindu philosophy, to 33 Vedic deities, to puranic deities, to deities in tantra traditions of Hinduism. Every day of the week is given to a particular God. We might actually be disrespecting one or the other God if we don’t eat meat on a particular day. In fact, some people also believe not to eat meat on Thursdays and Saturdays. The fact, God doesn’t see you only on Tuesdays, as far as it is concerned a sin done on Saturday is going to be equal to a sin done on Tuesday. So we if eating meat on a Tuesday is a sin, then it’s a sin on every day of the week and if it’s not, why it’s not on any day of the week.

Non-Veg Just A Change In Cuisine

We totally agree and respect the decision of being a vegetarian. But eating Nonveg is a just a choice of cuisine, you can opt for! Do you skip breakfasts on Tuesdays or cakes or ice creams? Then why skip a mutton biryani or chicken kebab on Tuesday. You shouldn’t restrict yourself because of a specific day.

Don’t you think? It is very important to question some deeply rooted beliefs followed since ages. An Aamir Khan movie PK has also proved that religious and cultural hypocrisy has been unearthed which we do agree at a subconscious level sometimes. If eating meat on Tuesdays is objectionable then why not Saturday and Sunday too?

Let’s accept the fact, our mom’s won’t be happy with the fact of us eating nonveg on Tuesdays because it is not allowed according to our religious beliefs? Or let’s get practical enough and eat it at dinner because it’s already past midnight in America. Fair enough?

P.S- We don’t intend to disrespect or disagree any religion or religious beliefs. It is just a point of view we’re making through a practical viewpoint.

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