The Painting That Sold For $46.5 Million At NY Sotheby’s Auction

The nameless painting contains just two colors, yellow and blue, and was aptly named “Untitled (Yellow and Blue)”. What may seem like a painting of just two dash of colors by Mark Rothko actually sold for $46.5 million at the Sotheby’s auction in New York.

Source: Zimbio

The painting measures 95 ⅝ inches tall and 73 ½  inches wide and was painted with oil on canvas in 1954.

According to the Guardian, Mark Rothko was one of the most famous and successful artists in the 20th century before committing suicide in 1970. His death left behind almost 800 paintings of tremendous value, and set of a bitter court case between his daughter Kate Rothko and the Marlborough Gallery Inc of New York.

Eventually Marlborough won the rights to sell the paintings, and sold them to Paul Mellon, an American racehorse breeder. The painting was acquired by Parisian art collector and businessman François Pinault before selling at the Sotheby’s auction house on Wednesday for $46.5 million.

Despite the astronomical price, the painting didn’t set any record.

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