How To Pay Attention In Class – Tips For Every Student

All of us know how hard it is stay focussed during the one hour or god forbid the two-hour class you have. According to a study, human attention span lasts on a single thing for only around 40 minutes. So it is no wonder that we often find ourselves distracted and thinking about random things in the middle of the class. Especially with our phones and laptops and the thought of all the notification awaiting us it is extremely hard to stay attentive during class. So here is a list of a few tips and tricks one can take to ensure that your attention remains on the lecture and not the outside world when in class.

1. Keep your phones away from you. Do not keep it on the table. Keeping your phone on the table even with it on silent mode or with data turned off will be a distraction as it can keep you wondering about the online world. Instead opt to keep it inside your bag during your lecture, as the old saying goes “away from sight, away from mind”.

2. Boost up your caffeine levels before that particularly boring class or that afternoon lecture. This will ensure that you don’t fall asleep in between the class or even so that you don’t get bored or distracted easily.

3. Make sure that you are well rested before class. If you are planning on staying up all night to finish that particular assignment or prepare for that presentation, try to get in a few hours of sleep from just before sunrise till after sunrise – between the hours of 4-7. These few hours can do magic for you and keep your mind rested and refreshed to absorb more information.

4. Also, try to make sure that you have breakfast before your morning class. Happy stomach means happy mind and hence having breakfast can help to keep your mind on the lecture while in class. However, do not overindulge on your lunch before the afternoon lecture as it might make you sleepy during class.

5. One of the sure-fire ways to ensure that you remain awake and alert in class is to take a shower before your class. Attending the lecture straight out of bed will not be a good idea as your mind will be prepared to go back to sleep in class. However, if you take a cold shower, it will help you to stay awake and concentrate in class.

6. Taking notes during class is a good way to make sure that your mind remains on the class going on around you and not on other things. Try using coloured pens or highlighters to emphasize the important points. This will help you to make good notes for the final exams and will also make sure that your attention does not meander through your professor’s words.

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