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If you’re a chocolate lover, there’s some exciting news for you. A UK university is offering 15,000 pounds-per-year grant in a chocolate course. Yes, now you can get a Ph.D. in chocolate too!

The three-year position has been created by the University of the West of England in answer to the demand from the chocolate industry, which has called for more forensic knowledge of different cocoa strains.

The grant has been offered to study the genetic factors that affect the flavor of chocolates, the UK’s prime treat. The selected candidate will study how the fermentation of cacao beans results in specific flavor profiles, according to the University’s prospectus.

Interested candidates will have until February 27 to apply for such an exciting chance, to the University’s Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences in Bristol.
This chance comes close after Mondelez International, the creator of some of the world’s most famous chocolate names like Cadbury, Milka, Oreo and Prince, posted the job of a part-time chocolate taster, on LinkedIn.

The firm is looking for a person who can taste its delicacies and give honest and objective feedback within the team of skilled panellists, which will help the brand launch new products all over the globe, for years to come.

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