The Power of Using Someone’s Name

What’s in a name? Find out the power of using names, and what it indicates.

Names are a powerful concept. Since birth, the time when we are named, our names stick, and they are the simplest method for anyone to have our attention. This process is so ingrained that the brain registers that whenever our name is called out; we quickly turn our attention to that person. Psychologically, it also causes cognitive dissonance, as when we hear our name but the person is not calling out to us but someone else, it still instinctually grabs our attention.

Have you ever wondered why we love it when someone calls out our name?

Let’s find out!

The first sign of someone calling your name means that the person is more than just an acquaintance. Along with this, observing their facial expressions and the tone of their voice gives you hints on how the conversation might end – happily or not-so-happily. The person listening will always remember what you associated their names with – be it happiness, disappointment or pride, they will never forget how you made them feel.

Further, if someone calls you by your name over and over again, it indicates that they wish to involve you in the on-going conversation. By doing this, they are trying their best to make the communication more interactive and energetic. Plus, it is also a way to ask for feedback, by using names repetitively and then waiting for a response. By the mere act of acknowledging your presence in the room, you receive more importance, which consequently makes you more active in the conversation. For example, teachers use this method to a great effect to make classroom sessions more interactive and lively.

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As soon as someone uses our name, it grabs our attention, and we listen to the other person more carefully. So, it is indeed a great technique to get someone hooked on to what you are saying – all they want is to direct your attention towards what they are speaking.

Another reason for repeating names over and over again in a discussion is to make sure the conversation is worth remembering and to convey that the person listening to it is exceptional and significant.

Lastly, using names in a conversation is a great way to strengthen bonds. Acknowledging their presence makes them feel valuable and unique, and subsequently, it creates a precious relationship between two or more people. Every use of your name opens new pathways into your world – you are tempted to let the other person know more about yourself, your world.

A person’s name is a powerful entity, and the person using your name has the power to make you feel either elevated or trivial.


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