The Real Reason We Blush When We See Our Crush

You must have found yourself with crimson cheeks when you come across a crush, a compliment, or your partner. Many times, you might even find yourself red-faced when a joke did not land, but you did – and it was not pretty. When embarrassed or smitten, we tend to blush without even knowing it.

Here’s why our cheeks look pinker than ever when not necessary.

The increased palpation and warmer cheeks are a reaction to the sudden self-consciousness that we develop. It is an involuntary action produced by our sympathetic nervous system. The adrenaline rush is a natural stimulant that initiates a fast rate of breathing, increased heart rate, and pupil enlargement. Our pupils grow to be able to process the visual situation that caused the chaos in the body.

In an embarrassing or love-struck situation, all the energy is transferred to the muscles. There is a sudden loss of appetite that follows. The changes in the body dilate blood vessels to improve blood flow cause a flush of red in your cheeks. The veins in the face react to the signals of adenylyl cyclase that leads to blushing.

Some people tend to have a fear of blushing in situations. This fear is known commonly as ‘erythrophobia,’ and it is not uncommon. Many use the ETS surgery (Endothoracic Sympathectomy) and anti-anxiety medication to cure their ‘embarrassment of embarrassment’.

There are some methods you can use to control blushing in situations that take you by surprise.

Just smile and wave, well not wave specifically, but calm yourself and relax your shoulder and neck muscles that get worked up.

Distract yourself and try to imagine your dream palace and remove your attention from the situation.

Own it – just like Beyonce would. If you are blushing, acknowledge it to save yourself from further embarrassment and calm down way quicker!

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