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Reasons why popcorn is more than just a movie snack

We all love a tub of popcorn at our side while catching our favorite movie but there is certainly much more to this munchy snack. Here are top 7 reasons you should be having more than a usual amount of popcorns in your diet:

Health Benefits

Popcorns are rich in polyphenols that are antioxidants helpful in reducing the risk of cancer and improving the health of your heart.

Low Fat and High Protein

Compared to usual snacks like finger chips that are high on fats, popcorns are low on fats and high on proteins and phosphorous.

No Preservatives


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It’s a purely healthy snack that can be cooked at home which devoid of additives, preservatives and added flavours.

Perfect Mid-Meal Snack

Popcorns are your best option between the meals that don’t make you feel full and the same time satiate your hunger.

Rich in Iron

What if somebody told you that popcorns are equally rich in iron than spinach and eggs. Even Popeye will consider it as an alternate option don’t you think?

Gluten – Free

People who are gluten intolerant will love this snack which can be topped on salad as well as coated on chicken or fish as per need.

More Than A Snack


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Being a good source of both whole grains as well as dietary fiber, it is unfair to call popcorn a sole munching snack when it can easily substitute any of your full meals.

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