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About hungry Dil web series:

Welcome to this apartment! Be ready to meet the Furious 5 or Frantic 5 or should I say Family of Five. Gurnoor, Anu, Shanaya, Rohan and Mickey.

This way, step inside the house. If you spot a diligent and dedicated person then say hi, he will be Gurnoor. Gurnoor left his comfortable abode some years ago to start his very own journey. He belongs to a rich, affluent family. He is the son of a business tycoon who grapples with a complex relationship with his family. For his family money is the answer to everything but Gurnoor looks beyond that thought. He has left his home to venture on his own and find new paths. Gurnoor is an ambitious guy striving to be an entrepreneur.

Next, in the house, you might find Shanaya, credits to her absolutely ravishing looks and charming personality. She is like the dream girl for this generation. But, this dream girl or a “hot chick” as some might say is in a rough patch in her life. She just broke up with her live-in relationship boyfriend. So you might see her gloomy and sad sitting in a corner confused about what’s next.

Anu is her friend. Anu has been with Shanaya through thick and thin. However, she also has her share of problems. Anu is in a suffocating marriage and thinks that her marriage is beyond repair. Currently, she has found an escape from her marriage in India, where she has come for a business assignment and is living with Shanaya. Anu has an intense personality. She has been through a lot. In college, she was bullied by her friends and was tagged as a lesbian. Studying in college was like sailing in choppy waters. She was seldom taunted and ridiculed. She managed to sail through her choppy waters but only to enter another storm – her early marriage which went bad. Will she be able to sail through this one or will her ship finally sink?
But the troubles in this house doesn’t end there, we have more, this time it’s light and hilarious. Meet Rohan. Tell him that violet is his lucky colour today and in no time he will turn into a plum. All Rohan believes in, are superstitions. He follows all kinds of fraud “Guru’s” and “Baba’s”. You will find him wearing more rings and jewellery than the girls as suggested by guruji’s. He is shy and gullible. People’s words can sway him easily. Currently, he is also looking for an apartment.

Last but the last we come to Mickey. He is Gurnoor’s cousin but both of their personalities are poles apart. On one hand, Gurnoor wants to become a successful entrepreneur, on the other Mickey wants to have an easy, comfortable life. He is money minded and is looking for a rich girl to marry and settle for life. Mickey ko sab badiya chahiye.

What will happen when the frantic five will come together under one roof? Will they be able to solve their problems or will they end up in an even bigger mess? One thing we can tell you for sure is that there will be a lot of topsy-turvy turns. To find out, watch this exciting web – series. We are sure you’ll be able to relate to all the characters. Deep down even we portray glimpse like these characters.

So buckle up and enjoy 🙂

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