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Rice Water: An Inexpensive, Simple Beauty Hack

Rice water happens to the best-kept beauty secret of Asia, and chances are, once you try this trick (which you will, after reading this), you will regret not having exploited it sooner. It is a big beauty ingredient especially in the Korean culture, and the secret behind the indubitable flawlessness of the Japanese skin, too.

So, what is rice water? It is simply the leftover water after washing off rice in the preparation of rice-based meals. Obviously, when you prepare rice for eating, the focus is on enabling the water to be soaked completely by the rice particles, so you have to use way more liquid than the rice requires for the purpose we are discussing. Rice water, with its minerals and vitamins, can fortify hair and renew skin when used as a hair rinse or facial wash.

Let’s get on with the process of using this secret to our advantage.

Getting the rice water

You can use any variety: Brown, white long grain, short white grain, jasmine, as long as it is still rice. Boil some rice in water and when the rice is cooked completely, drain the water and keep it separately. As mentioned before, you have to soak the rice in a larger proportion of water than the usual portion you use during cooking. The leftover water will be a crystal-clear white color. Diluting the nutritional concentration would be a recommended way, though. To dilute, add a few tablespoons of this concentrated rice water into a cup of clean water.

Soak it up for a flawless skin

It does not get any simpler: Take wool of cotton, or a cotton pad, soak it in rice water. Apply gently to your face like you would apply cream.

Working on the same principles as rose water does, this water smoothens and brightens your skin. It’s a natural remedy, so no side effects. It’s a complete win-win situation.

Get rid of irritating skin

Rice water can prove to be a cure for a number of mild rashes, allergies, among a miscellany of other skin inflammations. All you need to do is apply the rice water to the affected area, and the soothing effect is quite visible.

In a dermatological examination at Brussels University, patients with atopic dermatitis saw a 20% improvement after taking 15-minute baths filled with rice water daily. The cure has always been around, fellas!

Rice Water your way to shiny, healthy hair

We know it almost sounds obvious to recommend any natural remedy in liquid form to be used on hair to make it shiny, healthy and smooth, but rice water has been thoroughly underrated in this department. The best way is to treat your hair to rice water after shampoo, keeping it up for a few minutes and then rinsing it off.

Eliminate Pores for a Glowing Skin

Works as an excellent exfoliating agent, this rice water. It is no magical unicorn spring, but washing the face with this water helps clean and reduce the pores on your skin. Not only will this result in a clean skin, by the beauty standards set by those glossy magazines, but it will also lead to healthy skin.

Get going, because great skin and hair are now only a pot of rice away!


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