Why does a round pizza come in a square box?


There is no arguing the fact that pizza is one of the most delicious creations on earth. Ask any pizza lover for that matter. One of the obvious questions that pop into the mind of many people apart from what makes this dish so irresistible is:

Why is this round shaped delight packed in a square shaped box? So here’s the answer:

The box, which primarily comprises of cardboard can be much easily cut and folded into a square shape than in circles where folding becomes difficult, also considering the fact that this has to be repeated for the lid as well. From a manufacturing point of view, cutting a square leads to less wastage and therefore better material utilization. Also, the shelf space occupied reduces when compared to a circle. Another big advantage is in terms of transportation of the square boxes, which ultimately leads to cost savings for the company.

Being a consumer, this shape helps with a better grip of the slices within and can be useful for placing oreganos and chilli flakes too. So the next time you grab your favorite cheese burst pizza, don’t forget about the square shaped box, which has made this offering reaching you so much simpler.


Cheese Pizza- Yay Or Nay

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