swimming and running

Should You Run Or Swim

All of us can agree to the fact that both swimming and running are great exercises for controlling your weight and improving your muscles. But, they do have slight differences when it comes to their points of impact. Also, the kind of exercise required by each of us will be different, and we will be the ones choosing which way to go; along the water or the road.

Both running and swimming are extremely useful for your heart and for helping you maintain a healthy body that can keep illness at bay.

Let’s examine how each of them affects our body

Running acts heavily upon the lower parts of your body and your core muscles. It helps improve your balance while boosting your immune system and giving you stronger joints and bones.

Swimming on the other hand also helps your upper body including your arms, in addition to the lower part and core regions. Swimming is excellent for enhancing your coordination and is a boon for those suffering from joint pains. It helps tone your entire body and of course the water, as long as it is not filled with chemicals, will be naturally rejuvenating.

If we compare these advantages and the effectiveness of burning calories, swimming does come out at the top. But while for running you don’t require anything in particular, to swim you will have to find a swimming pool that can be accessed by you regularly.

The choice finally comes down to your comforts and necessities.


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