Is Samosa Your Bae?

Is it a magical pyramid or It’s a triangle?! Nope, it’s just one heavenly samosa! This lip-smacking snack has won millions of hearts locally as well as internationally. So here are 7 reasons why samosa could potentially be the love of your life.

1. You just can’t just stop at one 

If food is your best friend and gluttony is your sin, you can’t stop at just one samosa. It does not guarantee a healthy body but it guarantees a lingering taste of happiness. This is your only solution to those hunger pangs, late night food cravings, and the fried temptations 

2. If you love those cheap thrills

Bite into some nostalgia with these samosas as they surely help you remember your school and college days. Back then they were amongst the cheapest things available in canteens.

How cheap would cheap get, you may wonder?! It’s basically a street food in India a plate of Samosas and chole was available for Rs 20 approx in India!

3. For the love of the crisps and crunch 

Samosas are omnipresent. They are everywhere, be it malls or theaters, roadside or restaurants. The crispy pod with its gooey filling can totally make your day. I’ve often wondered how peas, flour, salt, and potato can amalgamate into something so delectable

4. When Samosas are mom made edible treasures 

There is nothing more delicious than the deep fried dough filled with all the edible goodness and a dash of mom’s love.

5. The times when Samosa is your Chai’s partner in crime

Be it summers, winters or rain, samosa and chai are unbreakable partners. Samosa served with piping hot chai gets a special mention for its role in all the festive celebrations.

6. You lust for samosas especially in the rains

Imagine you’re sitting in your balcony on a rainy day with a plate of freshly fried samosa balancing on your lap and old Hindi songs gently playing in the background, does the thought of it not make your mouth water already?!

There’s just something incredibly romantic about steaming samosas, the rains, and good free flowing conversations.


Source: YouTube

7. You could never get tired of the variety samosas have to offer

They say variety is the spice of life. For all those souls who need constant change, samosas are your only hope. Mini samosa, Punjabi samosa, Chinese samosa, Pav bhaji samosa or Paneer samosa the variety is never ending. You could literally put anything in the crispy pod and you know it’ll be absolutely delicious.


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