Paneer: 9 Healthy Benefits Of Paneer


Paneer, a type of South Asian soft cheese, is prepared by making milk curdle and then sifting it. Although it is a dairy product, it does not cause any digestion issues. Rich in proteins and calcium, it is easily the most delicious and nutritious dish at the same time. Find 9 amazing health benefits of paneer:

1. Protein-rich

For vegetarians suffering from protein deficiency, paneer comes to your rescue. Apart from helping you to build your muscle strength, proteins play a vital role in the proper functioning of organs.

2. Weight loss

‘Linoleic acid’ found in paneer boosts your metabolism which will eventually lead to weight loss. This conjugated acid is also found in lamb and beef, but as they contain high levels of fat, they aren’t much of a help for losing weight.

3. Perfect for bone health

Calcium, which is a crucial element for the health of bones, is found in abundance in paneer. Calcium is essential for bone cartilage growth, and paneer also contains Vitamin B which helps in soaking and diffusing the calcium proportionately.

4. Solution for diabetes

Diabetic persons need food with low carbs content, and paneer offers them exactly that. For example, in a cup of 28g of paneer, only 6g of carbs are found. As a result, instant rise in blood sugar levels will not be experienced.

5. Anti-oxidant properties

Paneer has important anti-oxidants. Selenium, an anti-oxidant property, has recently gained attention for preventing cell damage. Evidence suggests that the risk of prostate cancer can be reduced too. They defend the oxidative damage caused by free radicals, significant for lowering chances of cancer.

6. Loaded with potassium

Aside from being an element which keeps stress and anxiety at bay, it reduces muscle cramps, as potassium is a chief element involved in the neural processes of the brain and muscles. Moreover, it also decreases chances of strokes, because potassium keeps blood pressure in check and lowers the contraction of blood vessels.

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7. Enhances biological functions

Paneer is packed with zinc, an incredible mineral that improves your immune system and digestion. While 4% of zinc can be acquired per plateful, it helps organs like the brain, bones and kidneys function perfectly.

8. Rich in magnesium

Apart from the protein and calcium perks, paneer also contains mineral nutrients like magnesium. It gives a lift to your immune system while also modulating the rhythm of your heart. Acting as a catalyst, the stimulation of enzymes is promoted by magnesium, which makes our muscles and nerves function properly. Diseases like diabetes, asthma, and back pain can be significantly lessened.

9. Additional benefits

Good for skin and hair: owing to its anti-oxidant properties, vitamins and Omega 6 fatty acids, paneer is extremely healthy for your skin and hair.

Digestion: paneer can enhance your digestive process as it promotes the hydrolysis of protein.

Combats rheumatoid arthritis: this soft cheese has a large quantity of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that can help to combat rheumatoid arthritis.

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