Science Agrees: You Should Have More Red Wine & Chocolate

Good news- According to a research by King’s College London, chocolate and red wine help us keep fit and healthy.

It’s not the traditional calorie counting, but thousands of bacteria that live in our body and feed on the same things we do. These bacterias help us digest and metabolise food and important vitamins and minerals while some bacterias can give a negative effect on the workings of the stomach. Therefore, we must help the useful ones to live in our body by consuming proper kind of food.

And what the bacteria like is cheese, other dairy products, nuts, and vegetable oil while they hate fat and sugar, which are all venom to them. Besides, the useful bacteria also loves chocolate and red wine.

Polyphenols that help protect our immune system are present in all these different kinds of food. They actually make it easy for the organism to metabolise vitamins and microelements. So, the more we consume polyphenols, the easier it gets!

And that’s all without strict diets and exhausting workouts.

red wine In a research, Two twins were monitored for a long time by the lead researcher, Tim Spector. One of the twins was overweight all his life while the other twin was in perfect size despite seeming to do nothing for it. The lead researcher claimed that the only difference between them was in their intestinal microflora.

In all, eat more cheese, nuts, more dairy products and avoid junk food! Besides, Chocolate and Red Wine are always going to be a treat to yourself which is now approved by scientists too.

We finally have a great diet to enjoy!

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