Scientists Reveal Secret Of Why Indian Food Is So Delicious


Indian food has something unique about it. Consider its complex flavors or the perfect blend of spices, this food is just coveted all over the world. Heavy doses of cardamom, tamarind and other flavors build the pillars of what tastes so good to people.

But have you ever wondered what makes Indian food so delicious? Well, a recent analysis of 2500 recipes was carried out through, which has a recipe database of more than 17000 dishes and identifies itself as India’s first food site. Here, the cuisines were divided into different sub-cuisines, which were further subdivided into 15 categories, each with 194 ingredients in total.

In this study, the positive food pairing hypothesis was explained. The hypothesis states that the ingredients which share flavor components taste better than the ingredients which don’t share flavor components.

This idea is perpetuated in Western European, Latin American and North American cuisine. Therefore, negative food pairing becomes a typical pattern of Indian cuisine, where two similar ingredients are less likely to be used in the same dish. For this reason, Indian dishes are a mixture of sweet and spices rather than only sweet or only spicy.

Indian dishes require strategic use of spices, and spices like cinnamon and garam masala belong to the top 10 foods of Indian cuisine to have contributed to negative pairing. The uniqueness of Indian dishes is achieved by this negative food pairing.

Indians believe in using spices while cooking for medicinal benefits, and so usage of multiple spices in Indian dishes has positioned Indian dishes as such.

Well as goes the saying, opposites attract, so a perfect combination of hot and sweet will definitely make you crave more for Indian food.

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