Seven Habits Harming Your Gut Health


Our gut, also known as the second brain, is a very vital organ of the human body. It forms a major part of the digestive system and contains beneficial bacteria that help in breaking down the food we eat. Due to poor gut health, many diseases of the human body are on the rise. Being a crucial element to keep us fit and fine, we should pay attention to our gut health and the habits that may cause harm to your gut.

Here are some habits you probably didn’t know that leave terrible side effects on your gut health.

1. Poor diet

They always say you should eat healthy to feel energetic and active through the day. If you’re consuming foods with a lot of fats, carbs or even high amounts of sugar, your gut won’t be able to process it. It can lead to poor absorption into the intestines which mean the nutritional level of your body will go down. Instead, have items that can be digested easily and that contain organic substances.

  • Limit sugar
  • Increase your fiber intake
  • Eat foods such as sprouts
  • Do not eat processed foods
  • Munch your food to improve digestion

2. Oral contraceptives pill

Not many are aware of this fact, but along with causing disturbances in your hormonal system, the OCPs also affect your gut. They can deplete the protective lining of your gut along with cause a drop in the zinc, folate, and B12 levels of your body. The OCPs aren’t friendly to your gut at all. If you’re thinking about going on the pill, make sure you focus more on keeping your gut healthy.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol is known to increase the acidity of the gut and make it more susceptible to foreign antigens. These antigens can be harmful if they enter our digestive track. Basically, drinking alcohol can destroy the useful bacteria in our guts and result in more number of dangerous bacteria which can be bad for us.

4. Medications like antibiotics

As human beings, we tend to fall sick from time to time. Our doctors prescribe heavy dose antibiotics but here’s the catch. Antibiotics tend to deplete the natural layer of bacteria and cause inflammation of the gut. Ulcers in the gut aren’t uncommon in people who consume antibiotics on a regular basis.

5. Stress

In situations that cause a lot of stress, the blood flow cuts down from the gut and goes into the vital organs like brain and heart. As a result of this, the digestive track doesn’t receive proper nutrients from the blood to keep it running correctly. In more prolonged periods of stress, the gut health drops drastically. Click here to de-stress.

6. Over sanitization

Are you someone who likes to wash your hands a bit too often? Do you have a sanitizer in every bag? Well, that could be causing some gut problems. Over sanitization can end up destroying the bacteria that help us improve immunity and in turn, render us to be more prone to gut infections.

7. Improper consumption of fermented items

We need the good bacteria in your gut to help us be healthy and fight diseases. Where do we get them from? Fermented foods like curd, kombucha, yogurt and more items help us in replenishing the good bacteria in your gut.

It is quite possible to fall into the category of poor gut health due to the lifestyle we have currently. Stress is at an all-time high with barely any time to consume healthy foods. But make it a priority to pay attention to your gut and your body will thank you for it.

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