Seven Healthiest Foods You Can Never Go Wrong With

We are always looking for the healthier options to eat when we go out or at home. Though we might find a lot of healthy options, they are not always the most delicious ones. So we have made a list of the most lip-smacking healthiest foods in the world, so your taste buds don’t get sour!

When Life Gives You Lemons

LemonsWe have lemons in pies, and lemons in drinks, but the best of all is a lemon by itself. Lemon contains Vitamin C and has citrus flavonoids that have anti-inflammatory contents that help fight cancer. Having a glass of lemonade can also help stomach functioning as well as cure vomiting. Sucking on a raw lemon can also contribute to ease stomach health problems.

Let Broccoli Be The Flower In Your Garden

BroccoliThe greens have said it. They may not be the most appealing for many, but broccoli, if had with melted cheese, is a blessing in disguise for your health. Broccoli contains Vitamin K that helps in bone building. Steamed or boiled broccoli provides the required dietary fiber to the body.

Dark Chocolate Fantasies In Real Life

Dark ChocolateThere is always a reason to indulge in chocolate, and it does not always have to be a guilty pleasure. Dark chocolate reduces blood pressure and helps get rid of bad cholesterol. It helps in keeping you fitter and in shape and is used to cure multiple diseases and to keep you in the pink of health. For those who find dark chocolate a little too bitter for their taste, a fun way of eating it is by adding dark chocolate shavings to air popped popcorn!

A Salmon For Your Basket

SalmonIt is a validated fact that there is nothing fishy about a salmon fillet. Salmon contains Omega-3 fatty acids that work effectively towards improving your overall health and reducing depression, heart disease, and cancer. It also helps cure people who have Alzheimer’s and memory loss.

Walnuts Without Brownies

WalnutsNuts of all kinds have a healthy crunch to them. Walnuts are rich in protein, healthy fats and fibers, and are eaten in many households as dessert after dinner. They help regulate mood and reduce cholesterol in the body. They also work towards keeping your skin healthy and away from sun damage.

Oatmeal For All Times Of The Day

OatmealOatmeal begins its whole journey as baby food and is good for you till the peak of your health. Eating a bowl of oatmeal two hours before working out induces a slow release of carbohydrates in the body that help burn more fat fast. It also regulates insulin levels in the body.

Colour Your Blood Pomegranate

PomegranatePomegranate seeds provide a rush of blood in the body and release antioxidants. They work at improving your haemoglobin levels and help cure heart diseases, Alzheimer’s, and cancer. While most people eat the seeds of the pomegranate by itself, you can mix it in your yogurt, or even drink it in the form of juice to remain healthy.

All the healthiest foods above are inexpensive and tasty, and we assure you that you cannot be playing your health with them. While you are staring inside your fridge, do look for these foods to help satisfy your tummy!


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