Waste Food

Why You Shouldn’t Waste Food

There’s a number of reasons why you should care about food that goes to waste.

Here’s a list of a few reasons why you actually should worry about the food that goes to waste in your house.

  1. Wasted food means wasted money which is never good for anyone. Thinking about the cost of the meal that goes to waste in terms of the money that goes to waste before you throw your food out will be a good motivation for you to not throw it away.
  2. Wasted food also means wasted effort. If you think about the leftovers in terms of the amount of effort required for the specific dish to reach you, you won’t be tempted to throw it out. From the beginning, the items would have been made by somebody, farmed, watered, then harvested, packaged, bought, cleaned and cooked. That is a lot of effort that you trivialize when you throw out your leftovers.
  3. Wasted food also means wasted planetary resources. This is so because the food items that we didn’t consume ourselves had consumed a lot of resources of its own such as water, minerals, nutrients et cetera. Hence when we don’t eat it completely we are not just letting the food go to waste, we are also throwing away these planetary resources along with it.
  4. Another reason why we should throw out the leftovers is that the majority of the items you throw out ends up in a landfill. From the landfill, these items will go on to produce methane and carbon dioxide gases which are a huge contributor to environmental pollution.
  5. Wasted food is also a social concern because if people contributed a tenth of the amount of food they prepare it would be extremely helpful for people from food insecure countries.

What can we do?

Waste Food

Try to keep your leftovers to use the next day or share excess food with your neighbors. Remember to cook wisely so that you don’t end up cooking more than you need. Do not stuff your plate, take only the required amount that you think you will be able to finish. Pack up the leftovers at restaurants so you can heat it up and consume it late.

So remember all of this the next time you have leftovers and think of just throwing it away. Make good decisions and refrain from throwing away what’s left of your meal.

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