Singing Is Helping You Live Longer

You may be a bathroom singer or even a karaoke concerto, every time you brush up your vocal chords to yell out even the wrong lyrics; you are increasing your lifespan! While you hum along to the latest song on the radio, you are indulging in a short and quick aerobic activity that improves your immune system! Singing carries many benefits with it.

Energy And Mood

Singing helps release endorphins into the body which provide instant happiness and a boost of energy in the body. It has an effect similar to that of sex and chocolate which helps improve the mood. Singing also allows you to have a stress-free sleep cycle!

Posture And Body Language

While you sing, your chest expands, and your upper body tightens. It helps strengthen and straighten the back and shoulder muscles hence improving the way you stand and your bodily posture in general.

Improving Blood Flow

There is an enhanced and rhythmic circulation of blood in the body when you sing. It provides a healthy flow of oxygen to the cells. Singing helps in the release of immunoglobin A and killer T-cells that fight minor infections in the body.

Respiratory Systems

Even a bathroom number or a sing along to Adele provides a healthy workout for the lungs and the heart. It prevents the risk of any cardiovascular diseases in the body. It is said to be the aerobics for the disabled and the senior citizens.

Muscle Toning

Apart from the gym workouts and dance forms, singing can help you get your set of abs! The contraction in the chest while you sing works on your abdominal muscles, intercostals and diaphragm. It also makes you look younger by working the facial muscles offering a perfect jawline and crafted cheekbones!


While practicing vocals, having focus is key. The amount of concentration one puts into music helps relieve him of the unwanted stresses of work, personal life, and the like. It also dispels loneliness as it offers a sort of subtle company.

Never let anyone rain on your parade while you sing your heart out, quite literally. Find time to discover your inner artist and serenade yourself to a healthier life!

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