Skipping Breakfast

Skipping Breakfast Can Never Be Your Best Idea – Here’s Why!

Many of us with tight schedules and hefty deadlines desire to have perfect bodies – but who gets the time? Though we make many half-hearted attempts at dieting, skipping breakfast to reduce calorie intake may not be our best decision.


While you may have misconceptions about it, removing breakfast from your diet may work differently towards attaining your weight goal. If anything, it will make your body crave more sugar and fats along with making you hungrier. It subsequently increases your calorie intake not doing wonders for your body.


As breakfast steps out, so does the protein intake of the day. The lowered keratin content hence affects the hair follicles. As a result of missing the morning meal, we have hair loss and balding.

Skipping Breakfast


If you have a pulsating headache at work or in the middle of the night, skipping your morning eggs is probably the reason why. Since the sugar levels of the body decline, the hormones have to compensate to maintain glucose balance. It leads to an increase in the blood pressure that produces migraines.


To make sure that time of the month is not the most horrible time of the month; make sure you have breakfast because skipping it can increase the severity of the pain. It may lead to irregularities in menstruation cycles.

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There is a decreased amount of energy in the body when you miss the first meal of the day. It lowers metabolism and does not leave you with enough will to get through the day.


No doubt, breakfast is supposed to be the largest and most nutritious meal of the day. Avoiding it can increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes by clogging the arteries. It can also initiate Type-2 diabetes in individuals. Missing breakfast may lead to obesity that increases the risk of cancer. It also leads to hypertension.


Extreme mood swings and lowered cognitive function are results of skipping the most important meal of the day. Studies show that children who do not eat their breakfast are known to have slower cognition and less memory.

So grab an omelette with a hot cuppa on-the-go to make sure you stay up and happening all through the day!

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