feet outside your blanket

Sleep Hack: Keep Your Feet Outside Your Blanket

Not able to sleep in the night can actually be a real big issue. It becomes frustrating and irritating when you’ve tried everything on this planet to get a sound cozy sleep. According to researchers, it is been observed that our body needs a particular temperature to get a good relaxed sleep. So the trick for falling asleep quickly is to simply stick your feet outside your blanket. Not believing us? Here is a proper scientific reason for it.

Scientific Explanation

According to scientists, our body is more awake when it’s extremely hot or extremely cold. Recently, a spokesperson for the National Sleep Foundation and psychology, Natalie Dautovich said; “our feet are the perfect tools to bring down the temperature of the body because they are hairless and have the right vascular structures that help in dispersing heat”. Besides, She also mentioned that sticking your foot or toe out of the blanket while sleeping can give an individual more sound sleep.

So try this scientifically proven trick the next time you feel insomnia!

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