Why Soaked Almonds are Better Than Raw Almonds


We all have memories with Almonds! Remember those winter mornings during school days, “when Mom secretly kept almonds in our uniform pockets and made us eat those little soldiers which are very nutritious.” Nostalgic much! Well, We can’t bring those days back but we can surely inspire you to eat almonds every day.

Almonds are amazingly nutritious and beneficial for our body. They are packed with vitamins, minerals, and omega -3 fatty acids. But do you know why your parents pleaded you to have almonds soaked in water rather than raw ones?

Reasons For Soaking Almonds

The brown skin of the almond is for the protection of seeds until they are ready for germination. The brown skin of the almonds contains an enzyme inhibitor which our body cannot break down easily. It not only makes the digestion difficult but also restricts the absorption of nutrients.

When you soak almonds, the skin comes off easily making it easy for the body to absorb nutrients and vitamins of the nut. Besides, soaked almonds are easier to chew and digest as they are softer compared to the raw almonds.

Ideally, almonds should be soaked for 8-10 hours before eating. Having 5-6  soaked almonds a day can do a lot good for your health. Almonds have multiple benefits, they are good for your brain, aids in digestion,  keep your weight in check, keep cholesterol level in control and are a great remedy for chronic constipation.

So, now you know the secret, go on and soak some almonds in the water now!

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