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Spice Up Your Breakfast With These Five Peppy Ways Of Cooking Your Eggs!

If you are bored with the daily serving of scrambled eggs and do not get time to experiment, we have got your back. We have for you five quick and easy eggs recipes that will make your morning meal more fun!


HARD BOILED eggPlace your eggs in a pot and fill it with water till the eggs are thoroughly soaked. Switch the gas to medium heat and let it boil for 12 minutes (not a moment longer). Time yourself, and just as it rings, take the eggs out using a spoon and immediately place them in an ice bath. Slice it open to see the magic! For a soft boiled egg, follow the same steps except for half the time of boiling, that is, make it 6 minutes instead of 12 (Again, not a minute longer!)


FRITTATA eggs recipesPreheat your oven to 204 degree Celsius. Grab some bell peppers, cheese, onions, and any meat of your choice and chop them up. Cook them in a pan. Whisk the eggs in a baking bowl (or a glass bowl), add the vegetables and the meat in, and sprinkle it with cheese. Put it in the oven and allow it to bake for eight to ten minutes. Let it cool for a while, and then dig in!


SUNNY SIDE UP eggs recipes

Place your pan on the stove and heat it up. Grease it with oil or butter then crack an egg over it. Make sure that the yolk remains intact. Let the whites of the egg become firm. As soon as the edges turn brown, switch the gas off and transfer your sunny side up to your plate, and serve it with toast and bacon, or in any way you like it!

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eggs recipes, OVER EASY

Just as the name suggests, for this dish, follow the same procedure as for the sunny side up, but instead of taking the egg off once the whites brown, flip the egg to cover both the sides. Once the outsides firm on both the sides of the egg; take it off the pan and onto your plate. You can also cook it for longer and make yourself the Over Medium Egg!

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POACHEDHeat some water in a pan and wait for it to simmer. As it begins to boil, crack an egg and pour it into the water (if you feel artistic, try keeping the yolk intact). Let the egg cook for exactly 4 minutes to avoid overcooking it, then remove it with a spoon. Garnish it with some coriander leaves and serve it with toast.

Try these easy eats and add your flavour or twist to it. Even if it is for a weekend brunch or breakfast in dinner, these dishes will always be a tongue pleaser for your taste buds.

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