Spread it! The Most Wanted Nutella Fest Is Just Happening In Delhi


Finally, the most awaited and most wanted The Chocolate Fest is happening! Still wondering which festival am I talking about? The festival of the food of gods, Nutella is having a festival of its own now.

Hell yeah! You heard it right. Nutella, the chocolate spread has been used since years now on pies, bread, waffles and much more. Some noble souls realised that it is finally time for Nutella to have a festival of its own, and is finally happening.

The Nutella fest is a paradise and has everything to do with beer bellies and Nutella. The fest is organised by Just Delhiing. You can also learn some baking tricks as there would be sessions and workshops with those who do well in the field. These sessions are not only about food but also about photography, fashion and many more amazing things. Nikita Mehra from the fashion industry, travel photographer Bobby Roy, and Heena Bhatia will be giving life learning lessons on baking tips.

The fest will have all the tasty delicacies which will include Nutella cakes, shakes, truffles, waffles, doughnuts, and ice creams. But the excellent part, there’s going to be Nutella Marshmallow Sandwich, Nutella Ravioli, and Nutella Pizza.

This is a treat we’ve been waiting for since a long! So visit The Nest on 14th of May anytime between 12 to 9 PM. Don’t worry about the high temperature, it’s going to be indoors and plus they’ll have chilled beer!


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