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How to Start a Restaurant

Many of us have this ambition of opening an extensive successful restaurant someday. And although it’s an enthralling process right from inception to culmination, it is also a hard concept to sink in. Have you ever asked yourself “What will I be known for in future?”, I bet you have. It’s pretty much the same with any business that you start. You begin by asking yourself “What will this restaurant be known for?” There is no specific answer to this. Some would say ambience, some would say cuisine and it could be almost anything. But it must be something differentiating as well as based on some core values. These are just a few broad guidelines as ponder over this restaurant proposition.


In planning, how well you start is how well you are likely to sustain. So, get your key players onboard without much delay. Be it your head chef, kitchen staff, wait staff and bartenders your desk manager, and the list can include all necessary members. Decide on all preliminaries like cuisine, ambience, capacity and location, giving thorough time and research. Let all these centre around your key differentiating factor.

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Target Group

It is equally important to know your audience. They are the ones who will make this happen after all. If they resonate with your idea behind the restaurant, you are all set. Since the audience is linked to the surrounding, it is also required to mind your surroundings.


Guidelines must be backed by a comprehensive research to work. Market surveys, interviews, questionnaires are good means of collecting primary data. Research on your food, your customers, your location, your restaurant design and almost everything.

And finally, never give up. Only a few get it right for the first time. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself, improvise and strategize accordingly. Find the right inspiration and motivation to make any dream a reality.

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