The Surprising Health Benefits Of Buttermilk

The superfood for dairy lovers!

You may like the taste of it or drink it for a low-fat diet but there are far more benefits related to buttermilk that you should know. Check out these 7 Buttermilk Benefits:

1. It Strengthens Bones and Teeth

Rich in calcium, a cup of buttermilk provides you with 28% of daily requirement of your body. Besides that, it also helps in muscle contraction and cell communication.

2. It Boosts Energy

It is a rich source of riboflavin and Vitamin B2. A cup provides us 34% of what a person needs in a day.

3. It Builds Cells and Muscles

Buttermilk is a great source of protein. It provides men with 15% of their daily recommended intake and girl with 17% of their recommended intake.

4. It Improves Calcium Absorption

Buttermilk provides us with Vitamin D. This helps us improve bone health and prevents disorders like osteoporosis and rickets.

Buttermilk Benefits5. It Soothes Your Irritated Stomach

Buttermilk provides us with a natural relief when we love spicy food by keeping our stomach cool.

6. It Helps Lose Weight

It helps us prevent bloating and wash down the fat which may be stuck in the intestine after having oily food.

7. It Prevents Dehydration

Buttermilk contains curd, salt, water and spices all of which helps us prevent dehydration.

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