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5 Dishes From Taco Bell India That You Must-Try If You Love Mexican Food

Mexican food; well Taco Bell will be the first name that strikes our mind. From Chicken Quesadilla to Burrito, Taco Bell has always been the perfect choice of foodies. With a quick service and an awesome menu, Taco Bell is just the next door to head when you feel hungry. Here are five dishes of Taco Bell that you can gorge on the next you visit.

1. Taco


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When it comes to Taco Bell, grabbing a Taco is the best food you can gift your hunger. Loaded with finely chopped and marinated vegetables with meat, Taco is a meal in itself.

2. Quesadilla


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Cheese lovers, why not try the combination of mozzarella and cheese with veggies wrapped in tortilla! Double Crispy Chicken Quesadilla is more than just cheese and chicken and it is a must try for all chicken lovers.

3. Burrito


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Yummy, the seven layers burrito, one will never be able to resist oneself for the way it is constructed. Rolled up with vegetables, meat and sauces in a perfectly baked tortilla, Burrito is a perfection in itself.

4. Chalupa


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Taco Bell’s Chalupa perfectly justifies its name. It is slightly crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. With all the perfect blend of vegetables, cheese and meat, Chalupa is just amazing.

5. Nachos


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Either you are waiting for your friend or want to try something crispy, Nachos has always been the perfect appetizer at Taco Bell.

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