5 Important Points To Note To Write A Great Blog Post


Reading from a computer screen is very hard on the eyes and sometimes readers just don’t stay if they can’t even read your blog post — or they are uninterested. if you want your followers to stay on your blog and read the entire blog post, you should make sure that your post is easy to read and entertaining for them. Posts that are easy to read will make your followers return...

Basic On Page SEO and Monitoring Techniques For a Non Technical Blogger


Emphasis is being laid on website performance monitoring because internet is not only being accessed from computers alone, but also from cell phones and mobile devices. Speed has become a deciding factor in the field of internet as elsewhere. A slow website or a website that takes too much time to load in a web browser is mostly rejected by the users. Website performance becomes even more...

The Beginners Guide to Write SEO Friendly Content Meant for Humans And Not Bots!


SEO Content Writing is an important topic amongst online marketeers and search engine optimization is an integral part in the success of any website. It has been proven repeatedly through numerous studies that without having a great ranking on Google, online businesses and websites can’t triumph. The success of your website depends upon the sum of traffic it receives i.e. the number of people...

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