Ten Types Of Trips You Should Take Once In Your Lifetime


Only the curious have, if they live, a tale worth telling – Alstair Reid

On that note, I declare 2017 to be the year to travel far and wide, to scale the mountains and explore the deep valleys or smell the scented earthy mud after fresh showers and swim with the currents. 2017 should be the year of experiences.

Presenting ten experiences that you just can’t miss!

1. Solo n YOLO trips

There is nothing more rejuvenating than exploring, discovering and travelling to a place all by yourself. For those with a penchant for stories, this one is worth it.  One such trip can truly change your life in uncountable ways. And all that you bring back is a goodie bag full of memories, new friendships and a new self.

Worth the risk?!  Go solo and experience solitude like never before!

2. A super budget trip

Everyone can splurge, but only a few can budget travel. While the economy may be wobbly and uncertain, our travel dreams still go strong. So if you’re a Braveheart, try a thrift trip. The first step to a pocket-friendly trip is by tapping into alternative accommodation. You could opt for homestays, hostels and capsule hotels.

3. A digital detox

Do away with the media clutter, the constant phone calls, emails and messages. A digital detox is a trip for your soul. Revitalise your mind and reinvent yourself. You could use this time to do some thinking and clear your thoughts. This journey does not have to be necessarily expensive, exotic or long; a simple weekend getaway could do the trick.

4. Impromptu trips

Give in to your temptations, grab your passport and just board a flight. These last minute trips are super exciting. So here is another way to go about with it. Decide your dates, get on an app that determines the cheapest place within your budget and then you’re all set.

5. Snorkelling expedition

It’s time to do something different. Snorkelling needs no reason Grab your snorkelling license and go off to one of the best snorkelling spots in the world. Explore the clear waters and bond with the marine creatures.

6. Roadtrips

Three friends, a car and impossibly long roads, such things aren’t just plotlines for a good movie but an experience worth having. A road trip is not about the destination but the journey. The sights, sounds, smells and the people you encounter during your journey will make one hell of a story.

7. A trip to the vineyards

There is nothing better than bonding with your special one or your fam-bam over a glass of wine! Wine and fine dine filled with cheerful laughter and smiles can surely qualify for a good time.

8. Be a volunteer

Often do we seek for something beyond ourselves and after all of the ‘fun’ and ‘adventure’ we want to give back something valuable to the society. Take some time out and volunteer and there are many options available here. You could teach in the hills, or you could help build up a village. The time duration of these projects to differ depending on your schedule.

9. Trace your lineage!

Do you know where do you come from? What are your roots? What makes you, you? A trip to your ancestral home will help you understand your family better. Solve those hidden secrets, mysteries and puzzles!

10. A mountain trek

Channel your inner awesomeness, muster up that courage and opt for a challenging trek. On completion, you would not only be proud of your achievements but also have a whole different perspective on life

Time to save up on your holidays and start book your dates for traveling as they say is the only expense that makes you richer!

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