The Beginners Guide to Write SEO Friendly Content Meant for Humans And Not Bots!


SEO Content Writing is an important topic amongst online marketeers and search engine optimization is an integral part in the success of any website. It has been proven repeatedly through numerous studies that without having a great ranking on Google, online businesses and websites can’t triumph. The success of your website depends upon the sum of traffic it receives i.e. the number of people visiting your website. The greatest and the ultimate way of creating visitors is always to have a good ranking on search engine result pages. All other ways of obtaining traffic aren’t as successful as search engine optimization.

Virtually all large corporations and businesses today own websites. The cause of this swift change of landscape is that the Web has surfaced as the greatest solitary supply of tips and trading recently. Whoever has begun a web site with the intent of earning cash from it, has had to make sure the website gets adequate number of clicks or visitors. Search Engine traffic is the richest traffic you can get for your website as it converts easily.

Simply having a WWW interface is just not enough! You may also be required to ensure the site gets a lot of hits on routine basis. With a growth in the number of visitors, your site can have better opportunities of making money. Those websites which aren’t rated higher in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, are not going to be seen by the web users. Typically, web users do not have a lot of endurance and they simply see those websites which are rated higher on search pages.

Creating website traffic is vital for the achievement of any web site and executing beneficial Search Engine Optimization practices ensure that your website creates a lot of web-traffic. There are plenty of methods employed by online entrepreneurs to ensure their web site is found often by search engines. You can even execute such methods in your web site to ensure it is rated higher in search engines.

It has been noticed that those who prefer simple article promotion or compensated advertising on search engines, are never as successful as those that use search engine optimization techniques and schemes. Most individuals don’t click on paid advertising and simply proceed with websites that are normally ranked towards the top of search pages. Additionally, article promotion may simply supply a small quantity of clicks and it can definitely not ensure constant and high converting traffic. For this reason, search engine optimization is a critical instrument that may ensure that your site actually works!

SEO Content Writing

The most important aspect of any online publication is the content. If you are reading this article, you know the fact – “Content is King” for search engine optimization. When you write for your website, make sure you are writing for your readers and not for the search engines. If your readers like your content, search engines definitely will. I will share some of the techniques and strategies you can use to frame your content around different kind of topics.

1. Utilizing Cause and Effect

Utilizing cause-and-effect strategy will give you the span that you just require while offering fluidity and a pleasant stream of thought to your article. Explain the reason for a problem or scenario and explain the results of the trigger. Utilizing this scheme may set you nicely over 500 words depending on the sort of scenario you are explaining.

2. Previous and Current Strategy

This system is particularly relevant when your post is about current affairs or if it is timeline related. It is possible to utilize this system to offer your visitors a clear comprehension of why your latest report is crucial. It is exceptionally recommended to utilize these methods especially on markets like newest technologies information, present Search Engine Optimization upgrades etc.

3. Negative versus the Favorable Strategy

Because we all have different views, utilizing this system will not simply provide you with more phrases, it may also mix upwards your visitors. This can also start debates/discussions in the comments section on your blog which is always helpful as it keeps readers busy and warrants them returning to your webpage.

4. Split the Subject into Distinct Parts

I specially utilize this system when authoring product critiques or review articles. Even though it is possible to really utilize this in other types of articles, I discover the relationship between this and product critiques are closely-knit together. That is how it operates. When authoring an item, you’re able to discuss cost, contour, color, operation, atmosphere, sense etc. Imagine expounding on these different portions of the product! It is possible to compose hundreds of phrases utilizing this system.

5. The Evaluation Strategy

As this system’s title suggests, you will be concentrating on evaluating goods, occasions, or themes with this system. If you are authoring commodities or products, you’ll be able to find another product or occasion that is of the exact same character as yours. It is extremely beneficial to compare two products as both have their pros and cons. There is undoubtedly a lot to reveal and readers love to see a table that compares two products. Be comprehensive and provide relevant information. If you are utilizing this system, make sure that you do not wander away from your principal product that you are reviewing.

6. Quick Stories

You can throw in your personal experience or a story that relates to your post. A crucial variable which you should recall when working with this system is the storyline should be connected or it should be significant in cementing the principal purpose of your post. Viewers are intelligent! If you utilize this system only for the benefit of making nonsense, and including phrases in your post, you will be discovered. Again, relevance is the key to your ideas success.

7. Share Your Private View

This scheme may allow you to get the discussion that you just require. I am sure you discussion is an excellent approach if utilized correctly. Discussion is an efficient method to generate responses (It may be favorable or damaging) from your visitors. The more contentious your view is, the more people would remark, discuss, if not like your articles. Other than it helping you build up content for your website, this approach may very well help you keep visitors to your website and increase the number of regular visitors to your webpages.

8. Citing Additional Sources

It is an excellent idea to research and write for your webpage. When you are researching, it is okay to use an idea from another webpage on your website, but it is also essential that you cite the resource you used properly. Link back to the article with proper anchor text. Remember, never plagiarize!

9. Compose Your CTA (Call to Action)

CTAs are as essential a requirement as driving visitors to your own web site. Call to action paragraphs will help you sell your service, include keywords relevant to your article, and also provide that extra bit of marketing juice your webpage requires.

10. Propose Options

As they state, “There is more than one way to skin a cat”. Writing about different options and what their outcomes or consequences are may undoubtedly aid in incorporating phrases for your post. The greatest part – you are discussing remedies. It is therefore carefully connected to what-you’re speaking about while creating natural thoughts in your article.

These post writing tricks will make your article juicy and keyword rich, as well as finishing the word-count of your post. Utilizing these methods may assist you in radically completing your posts right away. If you desire to raise your post’s number of keywords without including filler to it, pursuing these suggestions is a guaranteed method to get the job done.

SEO Tips for Offline and Online Optimization of Web Pages

Other than using the SEO content writing strategies discussed above, you can locate free search engine optimization tools that assist you to optimize web pages and get links. Here are some tips that you may find useful.

  1. It is possible to ask your guests for recommendations with an “Inform a Buddy” feature. You can locate free “Inform a Friend” scripts such as AddThis on the World Wide Web. This may enhance your standing and trigger an increase in in traffic while boosting your page’s SEO rank with more hyperlinks added to your website.
  2. Distribute a branded e-book or special case study. That is a superb SEO technique to keep your readers engaged. Distribute your branded e-book for free. Ask people to subscribe to your blog and provide them with information they need.
  3. Publish your website’s URL to free directories with appropriate links and anchor texts. Lookup key word as “free directory listing” or “high PR directories” to locate free websites. PR stands for page rank. Even though Google’s latest updates have people discussing for the pros and cons of links to your website, I don’t think any SEO specialist would say that backlinks are harmful for your website. You have to keep in mind that backlinks to your website are relevant. If an article on SEO has a backlink from a cake baking website, I am sure you would agree that makes little sense.
  4. Publish articles to free article submission sites, again relevant articles in relevant places Research key word as “free high PR article submission sites” to find free article submission sites.

Link Building Guidelines

As a general guideline, keep the following in mind when building links:

  1. Get links from related but non-competitive websites.
  2. Have a variety of anchor texts (related and distinct) in the links.
  3. Attempt to get links from high PR pages for best search engine ranking positions.
  4. Distribute your URL to web directories (nearly all are free).
  5. Find authority sites of your niche and get hyperlinks from them.
  6. Submit your e-book to e-book directories.
  7. Compose distinct posts and publish to article submission sites.
  8. You can use press releases to distribute links to numerous sources.
  9. Make sure your website’s inbound links level to internal webpages as good as your home (Deep-Linking) for optimal search engine optimization standings.
  10. Tend NOT to make an effort to get temporary hyperlinks for optimal position in search engine optimization.

Top SEO Plugins for Your WordPress Website

If you use WordPress for your website or blog (if you do not, you should), here are some WordPress plugins you should be using for SEO content writing.

1. SEO Rank Reporter

This add-on provides you info about your site, about the keyword you used and makes graphical representation every three times on how your keywords execute. With the help of this add-on, you will additionally be notified through e- mail if your website’s position on search engines changes.

2. All in One SEO Pack

This can most likely be the most important plugin because it will allow you to enhance the WordPress website for search engine optimization by creating meta elements. Additionally, it aids in optimizing your web page titles.

3. SEO Ultimate

Search Engine Optimization ultimate has a feature, which can be called Canonicalizer. It guarantees the WWW spiders point to the main post if there are web pages on your website that have the same web content but differ on URLs. This add-on also offers an integral robot.txt publisher which allows for a straightforward set-up of files and indexing in search engines.

4. SEO Content Control

It really is called the verifier of your internet content. It recognizes the weak content on your website. It is going to signal you which regions need to be improved and tell you if you might have skipped the explanations of your classes, which is essential to enhance your standing is the search engine.

5. SEO Smart Links

Search Engine Optimization Smart Hyperlinks is one of the add-ons that automatically hyperlinks your phrase and keywords into your website posts. It gives you expressway setting up-sets of URLs and keywords for internal linking, all on its own in a unique and attractive way. It can undoubtedly conserve your time particularly on inter-linking blog posts.

6. SEO-Friendly Image

Often times, image optimization is ignored by webmasters, but performing it right can help you raise the semantic value, indexing in the search engine and accessibility on image searches. This plug-in may automatically updates the images on your website with name and alt attributes.

These are just a few of the greatest WordPress SEO plugins which should help you save time without a doubt, raise your traffic and enhance your index position in all the search engines.

Using SEO in Your Article Writing

When we talk about search engine optimization, the biggest mistake you can make is to write for the search engines. Even though your goal is to achieve top positions in search pages, you MUST keep your audience in mind when writing. !! WRITE FOR YOUR READERS !! Search engines change their strategy every day to help users get what they require. If you are writing for the search engines, you are digressing from your goal. Write to keep your readers engaged.

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