Eating And Swimming

The Time Difference Between Eating And Swimming – Myth Vs Fact!

Time and again, our parents, other relatives, and every second person we meet introduce us to an ideal time to wait after eating to take a dip. While some suggest that it may be a wait for a couple of hours or just half an hour, there are some who suggest that we do not need to wait even that long.

The myth suggests that we should wait a good thirty minutes before we go for a swim since blood rushes to the stomach immediately after eating to facilitate digestion. Swimming directs the blood away from the muscle creating cramps in the stomach allowing you to drown, potentially.

The fact contradicts saying that we can swim sooner than thirty minutes after eating. It says that there is no way your muscles can lose energy. There may be some pain, but no drowning. Of course, this does not mean that you dive in right after – moderation is necessary.

If you do enter the pool after eating, do not go all out and show off your freestyle moves. Stick to low to moderate strokes to let your stomach relax.

The real problem is alcohol that may cause drowning. A report from California showed that at least forty-one percent of the drowning deaths traced back to alcohol.

Avoid the booze, and moderate your meals. Enjoy your dip now that you know what fact suggests! 

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