Tips To Improve Your Eyesight

Numerous tips have been passed down to keep your eyesight healthy. But in this new age with our frequently changing lifestyles, there are some more measures we have to keep in our mind to make sure our eyes will last for a while.

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Usage of steroids can cause a posterior subcapsular type of cataract by affecting the metabolism of the lens.

Direct view of the sunlight

Letting sunlight fall into your eyes is harmful in various ways. It can also lead to permanent loss of vision known as solar retinopathy. The UV rays can, also, cause macular dystrophy.

Heavy exercises

Pooling of blood in eyes can be caused by weight lifting or heavy activities. They can also lead to other afflictions like a hernia or varicose veins.

Crash Diets

Carb free diets affect your metabolism, leading to the production of metabolic ketoacidosis which can impair your vision.

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