Top 10 Mouthwatering Cuisines Around The World

Food, glorious food. It is one of the life’s greatest pleasures which requires the participation of all your senses! These popular delectable mouth-watering foods from various countries keep your tastebuds tickled and help in spicing up your food life. Given below is a list of top-10 mouth watering cuisines around the world that would make you forget everything else:

People who love to eat are always the best people. – Julia Child

1. French Cuisine

Cuisines2. Italian Cuisine

Italian Pizza3. Indian Cuisine

Indian Cuisine4. Chinese Cuisine

Dimsums5. Mexican Cuisine

Mexican Cuisines6. Thai Cuisine

Thai Cuisine7. Lebanese Cuisine

Lebanese Cuisine8. Japanese Cuisine

Japanese Cuisine9. American Cuisine

American Cuisine10. Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnamese Cuisine

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