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Top 9 Coldest Cities In The World Which Beats Game Of Thrones’ ‘Winter Is Coming’

Bollywood has romanticised the concept of winter and snow for Indians. Many of us look forward to the winter season, mainly for the stylish winter clothes and famous sweets. What a lot of us don’t realise is that winter in several other places of the world isn’t as pleasant as it sounds. The top 9 coldest cities in the world are as follows:

Vostok, Antarctica

This city is located 1000 kilometres from the South Pole and has a total population of just a few handpicked scientists! This place is ranked one among the most inhospitable regions in our planet. Temperatures can drop upto minus 129 degrees Celsius.

Yakutsk, Sakha Rebpublic, Russia

The capital city of Sakha Republic is a cold city by the name Yakutsk. The city is infamous for its winters and harsh weather conditions. The number of residents in this city is 20,000. Average temperature fluctuates between minus 38 to minus 41 degree Celsius.

Harbin, China

Harbin, aka ‘Ice City’ is the capital of Heilongjiang province, China. While compared to several other cold cities, Harbin seems to have the highest population among the coldest cities, with a population of 10 million. This city is also famous for being the host of the world’s largest ice festivals, namely ‘Hardin International Show and Ice Festival’.

Yellowknife, Canada

This city is located 514 kilometres away from the Arctic Circle. The population of this city is 20,000. Normal temperatures in this city can dip to minus 32 degree Celsius.

Astana, Kazakhstan

The city has a population of around 80,000 people and is famous for being the second coldest capital city after Ulaanbaatar – capital of Mongolia. Regular temperatures here are between minus 30 to minus 35 degree Celsius.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

The 1.3 million resident population of this city are used to temperatures of minus 41 degree Celsius and below. Although these temperatures are hazardous to health, the residents have adapted themselves to this climate around them. This city is also ranked as the coldest capital city on Earth.

Snag, Canada

The small village located near the Alaskan highway witnesses cold and harsh temperatures that vary between minus 63 degree Celsius. Temperatures are coldest in the month of January.

Verkhoyansk, Russia

Located in the Yakutia region of Russia, this city is as cold as Oymyakon. The mode of transport for the people of this city is by ice skating on the frozen Yana River. In summers, helicopter is the best mode of transport. History records that this city served as a place of exile for political prisoners during the Soviet Union era. 

Oymyakon, Russia

This is the neighbouring city of Verkhoyansk. The total count of people residing in this place is 500. This and the city of Verkhoyansk are predominantly hunters. The average temperature in this city revolves around minus 50 degree Celsius.

Merely reading about these places can send a chill down people’s spine and body. Let us all take a moment to understand how it might be for people who actually reside in these cities!

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