Strawberry Ice Creams Delhi

Top Places in Delhi to Devour the Best Strawberry Ice Creams

The berry-fic way to conquer the Delhi heat.

Ice-cream is indeed a blessing in disguise that comes in the form of cold creamy flavors, with toppings or just the cream. It provides an intense feeling of relaxation when one resides in a city that gets hot as the California Bay. Alongside the ice-cream, if one also gets to cherish the sweet red strawberries in this off season, with the ice-cream then a person can practically experience heaven in a hot city like Delhi. Since Delhi lies near the equator, it can get remarkably hot (up-to 40 degrees Celsius, or even more). After a great deal of exploration, We have sorted out in this list, the best strawberry ice creams in the capital and where to find them.

1. Funnel Hill Creamery

The outlet is found in the busy yet enchanting street of Green Park market, this ice-cream is a delightful serve to escape the extreme warmth. With amazing texture, a very soft feel and an enormous size, this wonderful creation deserves its spot as the chart-topper. Speaking about the service, it is extremely friendly and fast, the workers are extremely polite and efficient. This outlet even has enough space to accommodate an entire group to fight over one big scoop of this berry delight. Also, speaking out of the list, give a try if you can to the bubble waffle, it’s pretty amazing!

2. Naturals

Found in various parts of the city, it is almost a shame for every delhites if they haven’t checked in this amazing outlet yet. Their flavors and their taste makes them quite different from most other ice-cream outlets. They have mind-boggling sets of flavors, each being unique and amazing in their own aspect, which brings us to the strawberry ice-cream they serve. You will certainly suffer from the condition of autism with yourself after having spent a meaningful 65 bucks on it. It will feel as if berries are bursting in your mouth, with the taste of natural sugar, this ice-cream is quite the savior of both heat and your pocket pinch.

3. Movenpick

Ever wondered, what is being happy? Well, your answer would be answered if you’ve tasted the fine ice-creams of Movenpick. The wonderful color and texture of their strawberry ice-creams is just a Thanksgiving turkey feast for your taste buds. If in your life you decide on to hate ice-creams then I bet Movenpick would easily make you change your mind.

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4. Baskin Robbins

When we run out of all the ice-cream options, we probably don’t forget the good’ol Baskin Robbins. My entire life is spent devouring their delicacies, thanks to the crazy number of outlets in Delhi. If you are a person who prefers quality over quantity, then this is your destination. Their collection of flavors and their intense feels will really make you wanna give up your life savings to devour them all. Their Very Berry Strawberry and Strawberry Cheesecake will make your day.

5. Classic Ice-cream Parlour

Not quite the famous hub to eat your ice-creams but an amazing place to get ice-creams from. This parlor contains the strongly packed flavor enriching ice-creams. You will easily score a strawberry ice-cream in here for a minimal 45 bucks, not bad right? They even have a huge range to choose from, starting from sundaes, ending in sodas, this parlor is certainly remarkable. If you ever come here, don’t forget to try the Strawberry Surprise!

Now, to end, if you’re a ice-cream lover or someone who wants to know about the city and it’s best offerings for ice-creams, you’re looking at the right list. Just have a little faith and take your time to try them all.

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