5 Places In India Where Indians Are Banned!


It’s hard to believe but there are places in India where Indians are denied entry. Most of these places are being run by Indian owners and allow entry to only foreigners. 1. A Certain Lodge In Chennai (name withheld) Anonymity guarantees a certain degree of freedom to operate as one pleases without external intervention. And this lodge in Chennai, ironically given the pseudonym “The Highlands,”...

Meet The Woman Who Has Travelled Through Almost All 196 Countries In The World


Cassandra De Pecol is already the first documented woman to be travelling to all 196 countries in the world and is set to break the Guinness World Record for the fastest person to travel through all of the sovereign states. 27-year-old Cassandra from Connecticut, is traveling to spread the message of Global peace for International Institute for Peace through Tourism. She’s meeting Ministers...

7 Reasons Why You Should Save Up And Take A Trip To Dubai


From Burj Khalifa to Palm Jumeirah, here are Dubai’s must-see attractions Dubai is a city that must be seen to be believed. Record-breaking architecture stands alongside traditional quarters, while man-made islands jut out of the coastline. Here are the top places to tick off your sightseeing list when you’re in town. 1) Burj Al Arab The hotel’s distinctive sail-shaped silhouette has made it an...

4 Of The Most Haunted Places In Delhi You Should Visit On The Next Amavas Ki Raat


I’m not saying you’ll find a ghost, but you know, you might just. Visit them at your own risk! 1) Sanjay Van, Vasant Kunj Many would consider it to be a nice place to explore–after all, it’s a dense forest right in the heart of the city. Something of great value in a place that is considered one of the most polluted in the country. But those living close to this 10 km-long forest complain of the...

This Mumbai Cafe Is Our Absolute New Favorite


What it is about. Does having your Sunday brunch in a hammock remind you of Goa? Cafe Hydro in Mumbai is recreating these very same Goa feels with its ingenious decor. You could totally visit this cafe for its pocket-friendly menu and delectable oriental food. But first, visit this space for its craftful ambience. The cafe is a two-floor eatery, with each floor boasting of a unique theme and...

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