Travelling With Indian Railways: 10 Food Items That You Should Definitely Try Out


People say that the real India could be best experienced on its vast railway network as you travel through different communities, locals, religions, and customs. It offers you some of the best scenic beauty and to add to that it also offers you with great flavors pertaining to the state that you cover. Read on to know some of the delicacies which you can taste at Indian Railway Stations.

1. Batata Vada

Most of you have tried this iconic Potato Fritter on the streets of Mumbai, but it is nothing compared to the Vadas sold at Karjat Railway Station. Karjat is a small town between Mumbai and Pune which is well known for its Batata Vada, served with green chillies and chutney.

Get the best at: Karjat Railway Station, Maharashtra

2. Mirchi Bajji

This is an amazing Rajasthani snack also known as Jodhpuri Mirchi Bajji, where green chillies are stuffed with spicy potato mixture coated in gram flour and deep fried. A must have for all the spice loves.

Get the best at: Jodhpur Station, Rajasthan

3. Poha

Jab we met has brought the town of Ratlam into the limelight; however, the station has been much famous for its Poha served with sev and freshly chopped veggies.

Get the best at: Ratlam Junction, Madhya Pradesh

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4. Petha

The city which houses one of the wonders of the World is also famous for this sweet dish. Satisfy your sweet tooth with this incredible delicacy.

Get the best at: Agra Junction, Uttar Pradesh

5. Aloo Poori

Aloo Poori is a perfect breakfast or dinner dish, which taste super delicious and it is available at almost every Indian Railway Station.

Get the best at: Railway Stations of North

6. Rabri

This milk-based dessert shall definitely sweeten your mouth with its pleasant texture and to add to its flavor it has a garnishing of nuts, a perfect way to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Get the best at: Varanasi Junction, Uttar Pradesh

7. Bread Pakora

Also known as Bread Bajji, it is everyone’s favorite breakfast or a tea time snack, made from bread stuffed with spiced mashed potatoes and deep fried.

Get the best at: New Delhi Railway Station

8. Chai

It is an easiest to get beverage which you can find at almost any Railway Station in India. Although, the taste and color may vary, but it can surely rejuvenate you from a tiring train journey.

Get the best at: Available at almost every Railway Station

9. Jhaal Muri

A popular street food snack of West Bengal, it has puffed rice tossed with chopped vegetables and chillies, a perfect snack to satisfy your taste buds if you like spice.

Get the best at: Howrah Junction, Kolkata

10. Peda

A visit to Mathura is incomplete without tasting this sweet delicacy loaded with ghee and khoya.

Get the best at: Mathura Junction, Uttar Pradesh

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