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Is Sugar Bad For You? — Here’s How It Destroys Your Body

We all might have heard somewhere or the other that sugar is not good for our health, but it doesn’t stop us from dousing our tea or coffee in sugar every morning. It is also known as “White Poison” which in itself is an indication of how harmful the substance is. A lot of people, however, don’t really understand what `the problem with consuming it. So here’s a little introduction to the product and how it actually is bad for the human body.

What is sugar?

It is basically divided into two different categories- these are simple and complex. Simple sugars are generally the ones that are natural whereas complex sugars are the ones that are manufactured or man-made (this is not always the case).

Naturally occurring sugars are glucose, lactose, fructose and sucrose. Glucose can be found in fruits and vegetables, it is also produced by the human body. The human body also uses glucose to produce energy (glycogen). Lactose can be naturally found in dairy products such as milk, butter, cheese et cetera. It is a complex sugar that is produced when the enzymes try to break down the lactose molecules. Fructose can be naturally found in fruits, and in sugarcane and honey. Too much of fructose intake can lead to it being converted into fat by the liver. Sucrose is a complex sugar that can be found in the stems of sugar cane and sugar beets.

What happens when we eat sugar?

When we eat sugar, it enters into our bloodstream and when the pancreas detects the presence of the sugar molecules it releases insulin. The insulin’s job is to absorb the excess glucose in the blood and stabilize sugar levels. It basically helps to regulate the sugar level in the bloodstream.

How is sugar bad for you?

It harms the human body in several ways. It leads to a condition called diabetes which occurs when the body is unable to produce enough insulin to deal with the amount of it in the blood. Another con of eating sugar is that it is bad for the teeth as it provides with easily digestible material for the bacteria in our teeth. Eating a lot of sugary products can also make you feel tired or sluggish as your body might not be getting the other required nutrition.

sugar bad

Cutting down on the amount of sugar one consumes per day would be a good idea to prolong your life’s longevity and make sure that you are able to live a healthy and enjoyable life.


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