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Try out These 5 Best Bengali Restaurants for the Taste of Bengal in Delhi

Food and Bengalis go hand in hand. The relationship is extremely intense and full of love. Bengali food or food for Bengalis is all about nostalgia and taste. The number of items that makes Bengali nostalgic is pretty huge, from “jhalmuri” to “puchkaa”, from “beguni” to “mutton roll”, from “chingrir malaikari” to “sorshe ilish” and last but not the least from “rosogolla” to “misti doi” every item mentioned directly goes to the heart.

The dishes mentioned in the above paragraph comes under authentic Bengali cuisine. Irrespective of the fact if you have a Bengali friend or a Bengali girlfriend you will still come across people who will introduce you to these dishes if you are in Kolkata or if they have been in Kolkata or any place in Bengal. The scenario doesn’t change if you are outside Kolkata. In Delhi, Bengalis cannot be separated from Bengali food and once a Non-Bengali gets introduced to authentic Bengali food and to its amazing taste, it’s hard for them to resist and will automatically search for them everywhere.

5 best places to find Bengali restaurants on the streets of Delhi:

1. City of Joy

Searching for Bengali food one will surely land up in front of “City Of Joy” located in Alaknanda. It is vastly popular among Bengali’s, nostalgic about spicy, mouthwatering dishes. This place has a wide variety of fish dishes like bhetki paturi, rui kalia and fish kabiraji. It doesn’t lack behind when it comes to vegetarian dishes like chanar kalia, mochar ghonto, jhinga alu posto. Nice ambience and delicious food is the USP and cost for two is approximately Rs 1000.

2. Oh! Calcutta

The craving for mutton and rice increases in an unbelievable rate during Durga Puja. Best place to fulfill this craving is Oh! Calcutta having outlets in Neheru place and Gurgaon. One can taste the outstanding dishes like mutton kosha and pulao. The fish dishes are terrific as well, from pickle steamed hilsa to prawns cooked in mustard one can also satisfy their sweet tooth by trying out chutney and misti doi. Cost for two approximately is Rs 1500. The ambience is classy and should be counted on your list if you are planning to dine on Astomi.

3. Kolkata Biryani House

Biryani and Bengalis share a closely held bond which has been talked about for centuries. The love story is eternal. Biryani has a mandatory place on the food list of any Bengali during Durga Puja. The best place to find biryani in Delhi on a nabami night is Kolkata Biryani House situated at a very convenient place, Chittaranjan Park. The well-cooked rice and the perfectly cooked small chunks of mutton with an evenly cooked potato is sure to make any Bengali totally satisfied with their pot meal. One doesn’t have to worry about side dishes because Kolkata Biryani House has you covered with their best dish chicken rezala.  The ambience and food is great at a very pocket-friendly price of approximately Rs 500.

4. Lavaash By Saby

The restaurant in mehrauli provides you with the Bengali and Armenian dishes at its best, the dishes look royal and it’s a treat to your eyes. The taste is as good as it looks. The ambience is classy and quiet. Perfect place to dine out. It might be heavy on your pocket but it is totally worth it. One should look for Lavaash Fish and the Signature lavaash bread here.

5. Bijoli Grill

If looking to grab a quick bite in between pandal hopping Bijoli Grill is the best option. With four outlets in the city, it is popular among the bengalis in Delhi. It will confuse you with an army of options to choose from. From dab chingri to tangra macher horogouri, and from rosogulla to misti pan you have nothing to complain. The reason for which this place is a stand out from other options is it serves some not so popular Bengali dishes like muitha and jhal (but are cooked in Bengali household every day). The ambience is good and cost for two is Rs 800.

Now to clarify, all these exotic places serves you with other Bengali dishes, including sweet dishes like misti doi and sandesh. One should always go for these to have a happy ending to their meal.

With Durga Puja right around the corner one should definitely not miss out on the options, to have a feast at these places.

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