He Only Wanted Nuggets-Now He Has Just Broke The World Record For Retweets

Twitter, a kind of social media where people tweet their views, thoughts, and opinions on anything they desire to. One of the most wonderful parts of Twitter is retweet (or may be shares), and apparently, it just becomes the number of a game when you’re highly active on the social media.


Source: twitter.com/TheEllenShow/

Do you remember the amazing selfie taken by Ellen on Oscars? The selfie was retweeted for the longest time on Twitter. But like all things in life, it’s time to move ahead. Someone just shattered Ellen’s selfie tweet.

Nah, it’s not the prime minister declaring the date of Ache Din.

Nope, not even superhero Rajinikanth.

It’s just a young teen asking for a year’s supply of free chicken nugget from the well-known food outlet wendy’s.

Carter Wilkerson Tweet

Source: twitter.com/carterjwm

Twitter verified Carter Wilkerson aka the Chicken Nugget Guy and even uploaded a video celebrating his achievement.

Ellen also had a feeling that his tweet could break all the records, so she even called the chicken nugget guy on her show.

And you know what? Wendy’s also tweeted and confirmed that Twitter helped the guy get some nuggets for free!

World Record For Retweets

Source: twitter.com/Wendys/

Seriously, Social media is one crazy amazing place!

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