Warm Weather

Warm Weather, Warm Soul

It’s 2017 and people are finally starting to figure out that warm weather is actually good for you. It is true, that while you cower away from the burning goodness the sun is supplying you, you have no chance of getting burnt or overheated, but where is the fun in that? The suns sexy rays help your body in more ways than you would’ve thought, so get up out of that shade and show the sun some love.

But like, What does the Sun do for us?


This is like, a really good question. Basically, warm weather is good for you because when the sun is bearing itself to the world, you know, showering us with its beautiful rays, our body is thriving and creating more vitamin D than normal. I bet you didn’t know this, but bodies love that vitamin D goodness.

Vitamin D? How sexual

One day, you will realize you have finally reached maturity when you don’t laugh at the thought of seeing the letter “D” by itself. Stay childish my friends. Vitamin D actually helps the body absorb Calcium, which is a key component when it comes to making your bones stronger, and your overall body much healthier. Exposing yourself to the sun and warm weather an appropriate amount will do wonders, and you’ll actually feel a lot better inside because your body is getting everything that it needs.

I mean, think about it, humans used to be exposed to the sun a lot more in the past than we are now. There weren’t artificial buildings to create shade, sure there were trees, but more time was spent outside. Vitamin D played an essential part in our evolution, so it’s only logical that you should expose your body to warm weather every now and again

Clear Skies. Warm Weather. Paradise

Clear Skies., Warm Weather, Paradise

It is just common sense that getting outside and exposing yourself to the goodness that is warm weather will make you feel better. Is there any better feeling than being outside with friends and family, playing around, downing a few beverages and just having an all out good time together? I think not.

Being outside also indirectly increases the chances of you being active, which also makes you feel so good! It is important to note that warm weather is also much better for you than cold weather. This isn’t a personal bias or anything, it’s just that humans didn’t really evolve to be able to live at an optimal level in cold weather, or extremely hot weather either for that matter. The warm weather is perfect for us, so the next day you look outside and see the weather is looking oh so amazing, get out there are given the world your best!

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