You Don’t Have To Pay At This Cafe Because Someone Else Will Pay Your Bill

We don’t realise it, but every act of goodwill has an amazing effect. Such small acts can create benevolence in the heart of people creating warmth and making a huge difference out of it.

In today’s world, this cafe of Ahmedabad is a small ray of hope of kindness and warmth for people. Ahmedabad’s Seva Cafe ends up teaching everyone a lesson with an amazing dining experience.

Seva Cafe Ahmedabad


The Seva Cafe is also known as “School Of Service” is a place of a kind gesture. A unique part of the site is you won’t receive a bill in the end as it is already paid by the customer who ate before you.

Started by John Silliphant and Jayesh Patel, who also have an NGO called Manav Sadhana opened this place for a social experiment to check what happens if a cafe is run by the idea of ‘Seva’ and to know if people will participate in this good will.

The cafe now mainly intends to spread the spirit of service to other people as well. The volunteers of the cafe devote their precious time for free, and the food is served with love and care. The place is a perfect environment where one will not only experience but also learn the joy of giving others.

The Financial Model Of The Cafe

“Contribute As You Wish Model” is how the Seva Cafe works! The cafe leaves it on the people to provide how much ever money they want as per their experience. It is a selfless way of giving others, as the cafe terms it is a gift you receive from someone, and then you pass it on to someone.

Seva Cafe AhmedabadThe cafe is doing a commendable job by cultivating thoughtfulness and goodwill among the people.

We really hope that many such more cafes open in India.

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